School Board Election

Emma Neal

For Livingston School Districts 4 & 1

About Emma

Emma moved to Livingston in January of 2018 from Bozeman with her fiance, David. Originally from New York, Emma first experienced Bozeman in 2010 when she was an intern at Epicenter Therapy Services.

Emma has worked as a pediatric occupational therapist for the last 10 years and has practiced in Montana since 2016. She has worked within Livingston Healthcare, various Livingston Schools, and provided free screening services in the community. Throughout 2020, Emma has communicated with parents, teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators giving her a unique perspective on the range of challenges encountered this year.

Why am I running?

Student Needs

To ensure students can access education that is appropriate for them.

Ensure funding is allocated to programs for students of all abilities.

Help to bridge communication between students, families and school leaders/administrators

Advocate for the needs of all students.

Mental Health

Increase focus on mental health services and suicide prevention in school aged children


Increase transparency of decisions made on school board

Promote education and training of paraprofessionals.


I am writing to share my enthusiastic support of Emma Neal for school board. Livingston would be so fortunate to have such a passionate advocate for all students in the district.  I have known Emma for 4 years and have first hand knowledge of her dedication to her clients and her drive to meet their every need.  She is nothing but phenomenal! She works extremely well with the families of her clients which is extremely important for the success of therapy.  Communication is excellent.  Emma has gone above and beyond for my family by attending multiple IEP meetings and asking all the right questions.  She sees what’s been working in our district as well as what needs to be worked on.  She will speak up and she will listen to all sides.  Please help LPS by voting for Emma.  We need fresh ears and a fresh voice!  

— Julie, Livingston, MT.

“Emma worked with my daughter on a suite of OT objectives, helping to bring along her fine motor, visual-spacial and social skills. Not only did they make great progress but my daughter had fun. She loved her sessions with Emma and as a parent, it was wonderful to see. Emma really knows how to understand each child uniquely and tailor their activities and goals accordingly. She was open and communicative throughout their time together. We miss her!”
Christie, NYC