More Summer Activities!

Summer is quickly coming to a close.  Take advantage of these final weeks with your children to add in seated and structured tasks for better school preparation.

Sensory Processing: 

Summer is a great time to explore outdoors and encourage sensory exploration. Pinterest has endless ideas and recipes for sensory activities. Some of my favorite are:

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is cheap and easily accessible.  Put some on a table, or in a container if you’re nervous about making a mess, and have your child draw pictures, shapes or letters.  

Corn starch and water

Mixing com starch and water is one of my very favorite sensory activities. It can be intense for kids at first because it’s wet and sticky but can be a great activity for kids that have sensory sensitivities. 

Postural Control 

If your child frequently sits in a “W” position this is an indicator of low postural and core strength and endurance.  It is important to discourage sitting in this position as it can be detrimental to hips and knees. 

Ball Kicks and Punches 

If you have an exercise ball or beach ball you have all of the necessary supplies for a great core/postural muscle exercise. Have your kiddo lay on their backs, propped on their elbows with knees into their chest (head and upper back should be off of the floor). Roll or toss the ball to them and have them kick it back to you keeping feet off of the floor. 

Next, have your child lay on their belly and lift their chest and legs off the floor, like a super man position, roll/toss the ball to them and have them punch it back to you. 

Tether Ball:

Tetherball is a cheap, portable activity to do while at the park or beach. Playing with a tetherball is a great way to work on eye hand coordination, grading muscle pressure and postural control/endurance. Have your child play in half kneeling, kneeling, propped on elbows or on stomach to address core and postural muscle strength and endurance.  


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