Getting Started

If you think New World Occupational Therapy could benefit your child there are a few steps that need to be taken before therapy can begin.

  • Call your Primary Care Physician and ask for an occupational therapy referral to be faxed to New World Occupational Therapy.  Our fax number is (406) 792- 8016.
  • New World Occupational Therapy will contact your insurance carrier to verify benefits.
  • NWOT will contact you to set up an initial evaluation.  An evaluation is 60 minutes and consists of a parent interview, clinical observations, and a standardized test to determine skill level.
  • NWOT will make a recommendation for frequency and length of services.  A weekly recurring schedule for occupational therapy services will be set up.

Many parents aren’t sure what occupational therapy is and if it could benefit their child.  Occupational therapy has many benefits for a child’s motor skills, social skills, problem solving and self-help abilities.

  • Occupational therapy focuses on the skills needed to do everyday tasks.  For children this primarily means play skills, school skills, and self help skills.
  • Occupational therapist can help your child develop the fine motor skills required to feed themselves, write their name or zipper their jacket.
  • We can help your child develop the visual motor skills required to complete a puzzle, copy noted from a classroom board, or cutting out a shape.
  • Occupational therapy also addresses any attention or behavioral challenges impacting your child’s ability to function independently at home and in a classroom.